• Sarah Marcina

Merope Star & Ruler Play

Well, it is Monday morning. Yes, I have those Monday blues. I don't want to do the dishes or sweep the kitchen floor, although it is a must. Know what I mean? This morning I was thinking about a verse that will define my year to come, "Romans 8:28." I believe this because of the way 2017 ended. A LOT happened. I could feel changes happening, and now many of them are coming to pass.

I am playing around with my fairly new triangle rulers while working on the Pleiades Quilt Challenge. This is certainly becoming an adventure. So here we go...

I have four:

-Folded Corners Ruler by Doug Leko

-Essential Triangle Ruler by Bonnie Hunter

-Easy Angle Ruler by Darlene Zimmerman

-Companion Ruler by Darlene Zimmerman

I will be focusing on the Essential Ruler and Companion rulers today as I believe they will be the most beneficial.

Bonny Hunter Essential Triangle Ruler: I used this to cut triangles from a strip of fabric measuring 4.5" I have cut 3 triangles of each fabric. I am working on the first step of joining two triangles together to make a half triangle. They are huge! Since we are doing a lot of strip work I think it may be a fabric saver in the long run not cutting large squares with sub-cuts as recommended.