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Mystery Quilt: Flying Again

I finally got my butt in gear. Today, I AM finishing the flying geese. Even if it takes me until tomorrow morning. I will take a few snap shots as I go along through the day. They may not be the best pictures, but the time stamp will show my progress!! Lots of coffee & protein to carry me through... energy and more energy. Ever felt like without the extra boost you won't finish a project?

I have *** geese ready to go! Here they are:

I decided to do a time efficient test, here are the results:

I was surprised, but not saddened. Doing one unit at a time seemed to go smoother as well as much faster.

The rest of the day went pretty easy. Netflix helped the time pass with this seemingly fitting show.

My goal for having the blocks assembled is Saturday. It does seem daunting, although I know what a difference a day makes.

As Mrs. Hunter called the last several clues, I am also calling these next few days... Mystery Quilt-

Rapid Fire!!!

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