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Mystery Quilt: A Continuing Saga

Follow me through the next few days as I join all my pieces together.

The goal is one colorway per day.


So I thought I would be able to finish more than this in one day. I am rethinking my method.

I spent the day working on these squares. Here's what my day looked like...


I started with my bin full of individual pieces. I sewed together the HST. My seam allowances were wonky, so I trimmed them all to 1/4". Doing this, I have eliminated bulk. This took a little longer than I expected.

I thought about calling it a day, but stop now when the end is in sight? I went ahead and joined the fly geese and then sewed the sewed the blocks together.

When I laid them on the floor my initial thought was, I could stop now. Hmmm.... nope not doing it. I have come to far to stop, besides what would I do with everything else. Tomorrow, Friday, I will be back at it again.

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