• Sarah Marcina


After having a sewing machine break-down and spending countless hours working on it, I was able to finish block 5! What do you think???

The last couple evenings I have also been working on the hand quilting of block four. I am proud to say it is finished too. Perfect time if I do say so myself. I finally have caught up with each other. I have one weeks block pieced and the prior weeks block quilted. This was my plan from the start. It is nice when it finally works out.

I haven't been able to work on ORL the last few day though. I took what I thought would be a one day break, but then my sewing machine went wacky. After working on the timing, tension and giving her a good cleaning and oil, I am happy to say she is working well again. Through this ordeal, I found out this machine wasn't in production long. Mine is a Singer 6267, the model closest to my is the Singer 6268. Thanks to many tutorials for the 6268, I was able to get mine up and running again.