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Block 6: Pleiades Quilt

YAY... This one was a challenge. I changed a few things though. The pattern suggest starting from the outside in, rather than my typical inside out. You may wonder, what does that really mean?

Rather than doing the "border" or outside four patches, I started in the center with the big square. I worked my way out from there. For me it ensures the outside will fit perfectly with the innards. (Don't think innards is technically a quilting term, but works for me.) As you can see it ended up going together good. I am happy with it, although there are a few spot the points weren't perfect.

I have it basted and ready for my evening quilting spree. I'm not quite sure how I will do this one, but it will come to me. Each block will be uniquely quilted, which will bring more interest to the finished quilt. I am getting excited as this challenge is coming to an end. Although it has nine blocks, I am going to add another 3. The original pattern will finish at 66" x 66". I would like mine to be a rectangle rather than a square. I have been watching feed from the Facebook pages "Quiltville's Open Studio" and "NQC Quilt Block Challenge" for star blocks.

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