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  • Sarah Marcina

Midst of Working

In the midst of On Ringo Lake, I have been working on the Pleiades Quilt challenge. Both of these projects have been out of my comfort zone, as they have been created by someone else. Majority of my quilts have been self designed. To me, designing is half the fun!

I finished hand quilting block nine while I was sick. In the picture it is the upper left-hand corner. I haven't trimmed that one down yet. I am still going to make a "border" for the top and bottom from bonus triangles. Each border will measure eight inches, which totals the finished size of a blocks. Essentially, I will have added another row to my quilt. I am looking forward to putting this quilt as you go together.

Someone asked for a tutorial of how I QAYG. As this is my only current QAYG project, I have joined the second row left and middle blocks. Click here to see the tutorial.

This one will be a throw for my family room when I move. It is exciting being able to finish up these projects to incorporate into my new home.

A quick little story before I close:

Grandpa bought this sewing box for Granny many years ago. At the time they were all the rage. The only problem was the legs tend to break. It is quite evident by looking at the bottom the left legs have broken many times over.

According to Granny, the legs broke twice and he properly fixed it. The third time he gave up and fixed it his way. He was one of those men that fixed things uniquely. After Grandpa passed away, if something needed fixed at Granny's house my Dad would do it.

I remember my Dad saying many times over, "Well, Pop did this. What a mess it is." Grandpa didn't really do things properly he just made them work.

Long story shorter, after the third break he just started taping it together. As we were going through the house the other day I found the box. I couldn't help but laugh. I am so glad I have this memory of why it is taped up with duck tape, masking tape, and even paper tape. Yep... that was Grandpa. I thought about keeping it as it is, for memories sake. Yet my man said he would fix it right! Although it won't be taped up anymore, there is plenty of discoloring from the layers of tape. One day, hopefully, I will be able to tell this tale to my children and nieces and nephews. God is good. I am thankful for memories, they make grief a little more happier!

Have a great day!

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