• Sarah Marcina

Still More???

As I have been pressing hard to finish On Ringo Lake before Monday, I have learned a few things:

1. Even though I can teach children to count, I can't. As I did each Clue, I made sure to count, re-count and triple count. Guess what? I am still short. I could hang my head and cry. Just joking. Regardless, for the next project I make with thousands of pieces I will make 10% more than what it is needed. In the end having a few more, will be worth it.

2. If you have the opportunity to learn something new, do it. Don't keep doing it the same old way just because you know how. Try out a new method or tool. You might find out the new way is much easier, quicker or results in less waste.

3. When you set time constraints build in extra time. If you think it will take five days to do, plan for ten. That way if it takes you longer then you won't be frustrated. If you get it done quicker, you can celebrate!

Have a great day!

A small table runner made with some On Ringo Lake scraps


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