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  • Sarah Marcina

Flying Geese... Ugh (Kinda of)!

I am working on "The Fall Quilt." Not to give too much away, but I am making a ton of 2" x !" flying geese. I decided foundation piecing will be the most efficient and use of time. So far I have learned:

-Stiletto's are great, every quilter needs one.

-Starch is a must. The fabric needs to be stiff. The stiffer the easier they are to iron.

- Good music makes it all easier and seem faster! Much better than movies.

- It doesn't work to use my 1/4" foot for foundation piecing.

- To leave with something positive, these are looking great. Pert near perfect!

My ruler rules...

I have used my first rulers until they are not really usable. I have had them for over 10 years. (Prior to that I hand cut everything). At the time the Fisker rulers had really thin lines, no need to make sure the fabric was lined up this way or that. A few years ago, I purchased another Fisker ruler, they have changed their line thickness. I quickly learned it wasn't as accurate. The search began to find something similar to what I used before. Would you believe everything I looked out had THICK lines. The only ruler brand I found that has thin lines is Creative Grids. They are EXPENSIVE, but so worth it. I am slowly replacing mine as I can afford it. I have started with the one that is the worst and will work up to the switching out the better ones.

Essentially the ruler rule is, find a thin lined ruler. You might find they are more accurate. Yet it may simply have to do with the fact my first rulers had thin lines.

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