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  • Sarah Marcina

A Little Sweeter

Yay... Day one of Christmas confections is finished. I love how my house smells! Pattern writing was also a success, off they go to my awesome testers! I couldn't do it without them.

Today's agenda: More pattern writing & cookie baking

I love Christmas. All the sights, smells, and warm memories it brings. I hope all of you have good memories and continue being able to make them now. I was very fortunate growing up having the family I did. God has been so good to me. This year a hole is in the fabric of Christmas, yet I am trying to patch it making it good as new. I dearly miss my Myers family Christmas' but as is life, it changes.

Today I am putting the finishing touches of the 2019 Diary of a Mystery Quilt. Several small quilt shops with be hosting the mystery starting in January. I absolutely love the quilt. It is actually one of the first ones I designed. I can't wait so see how other quilters interpret it.

I hope you have a wonderful day.


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