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  • Sarah Marcina

Square in a Square

Today the second clue for my mystery quilt was released. It's not too late to get in the fun! You can find more information and request the instructions from Auntie's Attic Quilt shop. I won't give size details, but it is a square in a square block. You can find this blocks tutorial here. It can be a pesky little block. If you don't have the center exactly right you can easily end up with a rectangle in a square.

This block is made easier using Doug Leko's Simple Folded Corner ruler. When I first purchased this ruler, I didn't think I would use it much because the same things can be done with a square ruler. I quickly found out this handy ruler makes folded corners easy.

I'll admit, the thing I hate the most about quilting is the demand for accurate cutting. You know the saying "there is an app for that," well there is a ruler for that. Whatever your "that" is. There are so many to choose from. I'm frugal when it comes to buying tools. I want ones that have many uses because good rulers are expensive. Here are my must when it comes to purchasing a ruler:

1) Skinny, but visible lines.

2) It must have at least three uses, preferably more.

3) It must measure the same as my other rulers. If it doesn't I return them.

Did you know that not all rulers measure the same? If they are different... at all... you will end up with wonky blocks. Think of it this way, it takes eight eights to make an inch. If your piece is slightly off, even by and 1/8", they will add up quickly. Every little bit counts.

Measure twice (or more) and use the same ruler for projects to ensure your sizing is accurate.

Have a great day!


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