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2019 Monthly Color Challenge from Patterns by Jen

I signed up to participate in the designer blog hop for the January and February blocks. I love every one of them though. It's a good thing I didn't see the choices before I chose the month!

The colors are vivid and the blocks would look beautiful if done in all floral. Each block is named after a flower and January's happens to be "Bells of Ireland."

What??? I've never heard of this flower before. I love to garden and have several flower beds!

I had to research before raiding my scrap fabrics. I really have been trying to use them before I buy anything more. May I add, if this flower can grow in my area I will be adding it to my new flower bed this spring! I absolutely love bell flowers.

Aren't they unique? I haven't seen leaves this shape before. The flower actually "hides" inside of the leaves. From my quick research, I found they don't bloom outside of the bell leaf. It seems as if they are often used as a bouquet filler. Perhaps, if a spring or summer wedding is in your future this would be lovely to add in the mix.

In Jen's first post regarding this challenge, she gives the names and colors of each block. Since the challenge starts in January think about researching the flower before you choose fabrics and then pick something that relates to each one. When your friend sees the quilt and "ooos" and "ahhs," you will be able to share with them your vast flower knowledge.

For today I will leave you with my fabric choices...

Have a great and blessed day!


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