• Sarah Marcina Myers

Book Review: Turnabout Patchwork, Part Two

The name of the quilt I made was "Swirl" found in the HST & Squares chapter. My intent was to swirl the colors from darkest to light. Because of the fabric my intent didn't turn out like I wanted... but it was too late to change when I figured that out! My black & white picture shows how close the color variations are and there is not a specific light to dark. I'm disappointed my fabrics didn't bring this allusion out... at all. The "light" row just looks totally out of place.

Don't get me wrong, it was a very fun and simple quilt to make, even though it looks difficult. Sew, cut, flip and sew. It really is simple. I would definitely recommend this book (I'm a minimalist, so I don't recommend books and tools unless they are great!) There really are endless options for quilting projects in her book!

My original intent was to make it smaller so it would work as a fall wall hanging coordinating with "The Fall Quilt." For me it still was too large to hang up even though I made my blocks smaller. Oh well, I'm short so this will make a good lap sized quilt. I might even add another border before I have it quilted.