• Sarah Marcina

Organizational Storage

We all have storage issues. No matter how large our space or small, it's hard to keep it all organized. Too many tools and gadgets, all that fabric... cut and uncut. My mind feels messy just thinking about it! Here are some simple storage solutions that are budget friendly.

1. Pencil Boxes

I use pencil boxes to store my threads. Each box is labeled so I know what color is in it. The other day I was sewing a turquoise binding onto a turquoise quilt and still had half a bobbin wound, so it is also in the container.

2. Crayon Boxes.

I didn't know these things existed until a couple years ago. I don't know how I missed them because I was a preschool teacher and an after-care supervisor for an elementary program. Anyway, I use them for just about anything small. I have a stack with embroidery thread, and then a few with paper piecing templates. I keep two of them close to my sewing machine. One has empty bobbins in it and the other has a feet and screwdrivers. I have found these really keep my small things organized.

3. Shoe Boxes

I keep fabric that isn't foldable in these. I suggest starting with basic colors and then splitting them from there. For example, when I first started organizing this way anything in the blue family got put in one container. As my stash grew, I started a new box separating out teals. My blue box is full again, so I am going to split it between blue and light blue.