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  • Sarah Marcina

And the Thunder Rolls

I don't know what to say. Actually, I do. "I never thought it would happen here." Isn't that what we all say disaster strikes?

The Greater Dayton Area ended up with a Memorial Day that will never be forgotten. I can't really remember what I did yesterday. My family didn't get together. We went to the cemetery Saturday, so in a way that was our day of remembrance. Although I do remember listening to the President's speech, but that is about it.

Around 9:10pm, McCall Vrydrags, Chief Meteorologist, broke into the programming to tell about a storm that was strengthening in Indiana. There was a tornado warning there, which is with the viewing area. I watched as she projected it would move into Ohio shortly. I continued to think, it's headed way North, we're in the clear. Except we weren't.

I hate storms, to be honest, when it starts looking "bad" (to me), I'll gather my things so if need be I can go to the basement. More times than not, it's just a little springtime or summer afternoon storm. This time for some reason, I didn't because I was glued to the tv. I was shaking inside, even though I thought it was going way north.

It didn't. Two separate tornadoes crossed paths that were within minutes of Bobby's house. He's not scared of storms, but this time was different. He's Facebook friends with a police officer that had commented about a tornado heading Bobby's way that was about a mile wide. By some miracle, neither one of them hit his home.

The tornado sirens only went off one where I live, but it didn't keep going South, at some point before getting here it lifted. I was in the clear.

Once the storms were past my area, they were headed my parents way. There was two in their area which is farm country. They could see and one of them.

Thank God no one was hurt nor did they have damage.

Today, I'm speechless. The devastation. Over 70,000 homes are without power. As of now there has only been one confirmed death and not injured. I don't understand how. From the damage one would have thought there would be mass casualty, as we don't have many tornadoes in this immediate area. The Red Cross has already set up shelters, they are begging "gawkers" to stay away, but desperately needing water dropped off at collection point they have set up around the area.

I don't know what to do but pray.

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