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A Week Later

Emergencies bring out the best in people, but they also can bring out the worst.

So many people are helping their neighbors out, even when destruction is even worse with their own home. It has now been confirmed there were 15 tornadoes in a four hour window in the Greater Dayton Area. That's a lot. The National Weather Service has said there has said from the time records have been kept, there has never been something like this in our region.

The governor said he went through the 1974 Xenia tornado, which practically flattened the town. He said this was as bad if not worse than that. It's not just one city, but all across several counties.

One older gentleman was asked if he has seen anything like this before. His response was "On tv." People interviewed have said over and over, I never thought this could happen here. It isn't even a would... it's a could. The local meteorologist said this isn't what happens here in Ohio. It happens in the Great Plain States. People are truly puzzled.

A quick quilting story:

There was a man in Beavercreek who recently lost a family member. Someone had made him a memory quilt. He was describing the comfort it brought him. It smelled like the loved one. He said sometimes he way hold it and smell it and it brought so much comfort to him. Unfortunately it was gone. Blown away into some unknown place. Neighbors asked neighbors if they have found certain items or request they look for them among rubble. By a miracle, the quilt was found. When they were interviewing him on the news he held the blanket and cried. He said it was the most important thing to him and everything else is replaceable.

Quilters, if you ever think is it worth it to give a quilt as a gift... the answer is yes, without question, yes. Maybe they don't appreciate it now, perhaps they never will. You might be surprised though that one day it will be all that mattered to them. Quilt on ladies and gentleman, your love for quilting and giving isn't in vain.

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