• Sarah Marcina

And the Storm Goes on into the Sleepless nights

Yesterday I figured out what I can do. After reading list of what items were needed, bedding was listed. The Red Cross has shelters set up, I saw a picture of the inside of one and the cots looked so sterile. They had a little bag, that I assume was maybe a sheet, pillow and blanket. These people need more than that, they need a hug at night.

I will be adding a tab to my website which will give the following information:

The Greater Dayton region was struck by 14 tornadoes on Memorial Day. These tornadoes damaged the communities of Beavercreek, Brookville, Butler Township, Celina, Jamestown, New Madison Township, Riverside, Trotwood, Vandalia, and West Milton. They ranged from EF0 to EF4, the strongest of which hit the most densely populated area.

The quilts donated will be first be dispersed to emergency shelters, then to other charities requesting bedding. On behalf of the survivors who will receive a quilt, thank you.

Quilt Requirements:

-No smaller than 40" x 50"

-Preferably Twin bed sized