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AUGUST!!! #MonthlyColorChallenge2019

Wow!!! August is here and Family Reunion here we come & back to school is around the corner!!!

The challenge for this block was literally the color! Searching through my fabric scraps, this is the closest I have to Red-Orange. I suppose I could have went with the another Marigold color, but this will certainly do the trick. I was hesitant to use this fabric because it is somewhat directional fabric. Since this months block doesn't have bias cut pieces, I went ahead and used it anyway.

TIP: When you are using pre-cut strips, check to make sure they are cut correctly using a ruler. They may appear to be okay, but sometimes they are off just a smidgen, which quickly adds up. (Eight - 1/8" = 1 inch) I didn't use purchased precuts, but I had these tucked away from another project and they were slightly off.

Chop up the now perfectly measured strip into four pieces. Do you ever think "I just got that PERFECT and now I am chopping it apart so what's the point?" I have a time or two.

As always, Jen's directions are incredibly easy to follow! I have not had to think twice about how to put this block together. I was glad she pointed out to pay special attention to placement. It would have been super easy to just put it together the wrong way even though it "looks" right.

This block turned out pretty even though I wasn't sure about my color or the pattern at first. I like it!

Thanks Jen for another blocks! Here's the link to her blog!

Check out the other Bloggers!

Are you wanting to make a signature quilt? Here's the link to my Friendship Signature Quilt which designed to hold up to twenty signatures!

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