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Wow! It's the best word I can come up to describe my summer thus far. So many changes and challenges that effect my daily life and schedule. Last year this time I was still settling into my new home. The first room "completed" was my new sewing studio. This is the first time I have actually had one, before it was scattered all over my house. What a blessing this has been. A lot more quilting world work has been accomplished since then because of that change!

There have been a few life altering events, that emotionally I cannot talk about, which brings me to the point of throwing myself overtime into The Quilted Diary, Mary Kay, Almost Country Handiwork & canning. So lets break these things down a bit.

Canning: As along as my garden has done well, I can a lot of food With the crazy Ohio weather, nothing did great. I didn't get my typical done and I miss that. I was really miss it come winter. There is nothing like fresh tomatoes for chili or soups. Salsa is perfect to my idea of spiciness, I like it mild but with lots of flavor. Pickles... there is nothing like homemade pickles. It may be a little late to see if I can find a fresh market that sells cucumbers by the bushel, they will still be good, but not as satisfying cause they didn't come from my garden. My potatoes and onions rotted, I keep those in the cool basement and they last practically all winter, by spring they are good seed potatoes. My use-to-be farm girl is showing. lol

Mary Kay: I've been a consultant for quite some time, but I knew I really needed to make it work. I need the income. This has kept me so busy! Two part time jobs equals one full time job plus a lot of overtime. (If you're in need of some great skin care products my independent consultant website is:

Almost Country Handiwork: Before going into design I sold quilted items at craft shows and loved it! A broken thumb changed that up because I can't do the hand sewing I use to... even my handwriting looks bad. Since I am starting quilt lessons, so I brought back ACH now including quilt classes. So far I have one class lined up called Handiwork Basics. So excited!!!

The Quilted Diary: In case you haven't seen my advertisement, September 10th a quilt along begins. A few weeks after it ends will be the next Mystery Quilt. I'm busy writing it now!

So you see why things have been crazy and my blog has been set aside. Everything is calming down, besides the crazy long hours. Hopefully if all goes as planned, I'll be back blogging again! I sure could use your prayers though!

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