• Sarah Marcina

Block Construction: Sardius

Color Selection:

Per yardage requirements, you need at least a dark, light and medium of each color. When I first started making the blocks I wasn't "daring." I stuck strictly to the diagrams pattern. I'm glad I didn't go in order, because the more blocks I did, the more I changed it up. (I started with the gem colors I liked the most. lol)

I used the 10" stack Color Wheel Solids Complete Stack from Connecting Threads, so I had a lot of tone variations. I printed a picture of the actual gem and noticed it went from light to dark. The lightest color was almost a peach and the darkest was almost brown. I decided to add this into my block in small bits, but keeping the primary color Red-Orange. I was really happy with the outcome, it brought more interest to the block (especially one I wasn't crazy about.)


I ended up with a total of five fabrics. I wasn't sure how I could go about adding these extras. This isn't like patchwork where you have the same little square and can swap it around. So I got out my markers and decided what color would represent which fabric. Looking at the gem picture, I started filling in the areas I wanted to be each color. I wasn't happy with a few placements, so I turned the piece over and colored in the back. I ended up with a few colors touching each other, but I was okay with that. Next was cutting and basting. I have a video posted in the Facebook group "The Quilted Diary Sew Along" that shows several different basting techniques. The actual construction instructions are pretty detailed, so I won't get into those here, but if you have questions just ask.