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Block Construction: Topaz

I know I will say this with (most) every block... but I love the color. I had trouble narrowing my fabrics down to just three, initially I had five. As I started cutting my fabrics, I quickly realized one of them wasn't working great. It didn't flow, it had too much of a green tint when paired with the rest. Ultimately, I ended up using four.

After I got my pieces cut out, I separated them into sections and clipped them together. I laid them out in the order they will be when it is pieced, and then "cut" them apart (it reminds me of a pie). Since I was traveling, it helped me keep everything in order. I wish I had of thought to take more pictures as I went along.

With EPP there are a lot of different methods of getting to the finished product. It really is a thing of trial and error and deciding what is best for you. I will continue to share a video helpful video every Monday from YouTube. This weeks is from Victoria Peats.

Since I was sewing while riding in the car and my center didn't end up being great. I was tempted to take it apart, but my aching thumb decided not too. Oh well, it isn't that noticeable in the grand scheme of things, but I will know it's there. Ugh!!! I think we've all been in the place of it's not perfections so I want to take it apart! Hey, it's a gem and they aren't perfect either. Here's my finished Topaz. I can't wait to see yours!

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