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Block Construction: Ruby

As I shared before, I didn't do my blocks in order and this one was first. It was somewhat difficult to make sure the reds didn't clash. If it was too orange or too pink it looked bad. Once I was happy with my colors, I started cutting right away and didn't tale pictures of my fabrics. The only picture I have is the finished block... which was too small!!!

Here is something to remember, make sure your templates are cut exact! I cannot stress this enough. When printing check your printer and make sure it isn't on the "fill page" setting. Your sizes will be wrong. This wasn't my problem though. I didn't cut the templates correct. Yes, they fit together and the block looked good... but it was a half inch too small!!! I didn't realize this until I was putting the top together. Yes, I was slightly annoyed. (Actually more than slightly. lol) A simple word of wisdom, make sure you cut all of your template the same exact way.

The first week I shared the importance of pressing your fabric first. I believe it is sooo important, I'm sharing the same text...

Always starch your fabrics before cutting for English Paper Piecing (EPP). There are a couple specific reasons this is important. First, even though you may have purchased reputable, high quality fabric, it may not really be square. This use to be square came from a 10" stack (AKA "Layer Cake") and it is a high quality fabric. As soon as the starch hit it, the fabric shrunk up into this wonky square. You do not want your fabric going back to it's natural weave after you have cut it out. Secondly, for EPP your fabric needs to have a little stiffness so the weave doesn't become misshapen while sewing.

Each week, I have tried to find a fairly short but very informative resource video. This week video is by Sue Daley. This one was important because she shares how to put diamond shaped pieces together. I felt as if the same techniques would be helpful for our gem construction.

I hope you are enjoying the quilt along thus far! You can share your pictures in the comment section of the blog, on Facebook or Instagram! If you have a question ask in "The Quilted Diary Sew Along" group. Have fun!

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