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  • Sarah Marcina


I may be a bit partial because sapphire is my birthstone, but I love these beauties. Sapphires can be found in just about any color other than red. Red sapphires are actually rubies! Sapphires are mined all over the world, including the United States. Possibly the most famous sapphire was Princess Diana's engagement ring.

In ancient times sapphires were to only be worn by royalty, for anyone else it was a punishable offence. The gem is associated with love, fidelity and commitment, basically a perfect option for an engagement ring.

The Bible does not specify which stone represents which tribe. Among some scholars it is believed that Sapphire represents the tribe of Asher. The gem is mentioned at least twelve times throughout the Bible.

Here's my sapphire quilt block...

As many pictures as I took, they all were coming out looking purple!

How are your blocks coming? Let me know if you have questions!!!

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