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  • Sarah Marcina

Tribes of Israel Quilt: Diamond

Diamonds the most recognized gemstones! Men, I'm sure the darling lady in your life has made you well aware of them. 😉 There are so many beautiful cuts and their colorless sparkle dazzles and catches the attention of a room full of people.

Diamonds are well known as a colorless gem, but they can be found in many colors. Red is the rarest and most expensive. Diamonds are the one gem that the worth is always going to increase and many times is more valuable than the gold it is set in.

Although it is unknown to which tribe each gem truly represents, some scholars believe Diamond is for Joseph.

In choosing my fabric colors, I went with bright white to light gray. I stayed away from any fabrics that had a cream tone. I wanted to capture the essence of a clear gem. I felt that adding whites with a yellow undertone (creams) would muddle the look clarity & purity.

In my finished block picture, the yellow color I wasn't wanting shows up. In real life it doesn't look really yellow. Photos have a mind of their own and sometimes you just can't make them perfect!

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