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Tribes of Israel Quilt: Amethyst

Amethyst is the worlds most popular purple gem! In fact, an amethyst is one of the few gems that is strictly one color though in many shades. It's Hebrew name is Aclamah. The amethyst is only mentioned in the Bible one time, but it is definitely purple. Amethyst has always represented February from ancient times until modern time. You might just say this is a rare stone factually.

Amethyst is a type of quartz and is mined all over the world. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks used the stone for various spiritual reasons. Medieval English and Germans used the stone for various reasons, spiritual and in armor. Today, the gem is frequently used and jewerly and healing properties.

The Bible does not specify which stone represents which tribe. Among some scholars it is believed that Amethyst represents the tribe of Levi.

Check out Prairie Sew's blog written by Laura for her journey on making the Amethyst quilt block! Click here.

Laura's Block

I love how the medium shade has the light and dark colors in it! Check out her husbands opinion of it... his reaction made me laugh. Men.

*I used the verses Ex. 28: 17-20 for the stone names and modern stone recognition to design the block layout and color. Also, I am not a geologist, but have done research.*

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