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Tribes of Israel Quilt: Beryl

Beryl is a green-gray stone. It was likened up the "color of the sea." The Hebrew word for Beryl is Shosham. It is believe this gemstone represented the tribe of Joseph. There are many different types of beryl, emerald and aquamarine are just a few.

By the time I got to this point in choosing colors for my block, I was realizing I had an abundance of blues and greens in the quilt. I decided to capitalize on the "color-of-the-sea" description. I choose a sea-foam green as my focal color. then filled in with deep teal and little pops of gray. I used Connecting Threads Color Wheel Solid 10" squares stack.

Just one more week until we have worked through through the gems. It won't be long until we can set those gems into gold!

Are you aching for a new project? A mystery perhaps? If so, you're in for a treat! Charisma Horton and I have teamed together and created a Quilt of Valor appropriate mystery quilt. The project starts the first Friday in January. To learn more, join the Facebook group, "Diary of A Patriot Quilt"

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