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  • Sarah Marcina

A Call for Testers

Have you ever wondered what all goes into the pattern making process? A lot! It's time consuming, takes patience, and is somewhat a trial and error to get it just right before coming to you. Something simple still goes through the entire process... every single time.

One of the key elements is pattern testing! Have you ever wrote a letter or maybe school report then read over so many times little errors remain? It's the same with writing patterns. Maybe you pass your college thesis off to a friend before you turn it in. I bet they would find a little something to correct. You my quilter friends, can be that person.

At the point of testing, I have read over the pattern and made it from my directions. Sometimes I find the yardage is way to much or a few inches to little. Perhaps a piece count is off. Or it could be something as "eww that so needs changed! It doesn't look like what I had in mind!" Yes, that has happened more than once! After I make corrections and pick apart the pattern, I'm ready to share it with a few people to test.

Trust me, the testers tell me anything they don't like or find needing corrected. I will review the pattern and make changes as needed. In the end I come out with a quality pattern and you get the revised one free! My testers range from new quilters to advanced quilters. Also, I have a few who proofread, they too are priceless! Does this sound like something you are interested in?

A little more about being a tester: You get the pattern free as compensation. You keep the finished project for your own use, whether it's to gift or keep for yourself. After the pattern has been tested and is ready to publish you get the edited copy. Since the designs are new and haven't been published yet, pictures can't be shared on social media. If you would like your quilt to be shared with the world eventually, feel free to send me a picture of it. I always credit you and tag you in the post... of course this is after the pattern is released.

I have a great group of ladies who always enjoy testing. Yet I have several up coming designs to be published back to back and so I need to expand my group! Here is the Facebook link to the testing group. Remember you MUST answer all three questions to join. I'm looking forward to having fun with new quilters & new designs!

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