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  • Sarah Marcina

A Little Chaos

Have you ever had a time when it feels like your entire house needs cleaned? Well, that is me right now. I can't decide if I should start in my studio or in my actual house. After being ill for almost two months, stuff has piled up. Ugh! Let's be honest, in my sitting porch I have piled my Christmas stuff. I think I have just gotten use to it. Perhaps I just don't look in there though. LOL

I feel like I need to make sense of my studio though. It doubles as an office space for my Mary Kay business stuff. It doesn't take up that much space, but it's just messy.

I also feel like I need to disinfect my house again, even though I just really cleaned my kitchen. It seems as if my list is all based on feelings.

I believe I will get things straightened up a little in my studio then get my house back in order. Not that I'm expecting company right now (Can we say the word quarantine?), but it will just be nice to have things in perfect shape again! Besides, Cheryl Sleboda is having her Spring Clean Your Studio coming up. I think I'll save my studio for then!!

Readers, keep me accountable! I got this...

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