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  • Sarah Marcina

An Autumn Kitchen

Do I decorate for fall? Seriously, what kind of question is that? YES!!! A picture is worth a thousand words, so let's just take a look.

First of all, I just add a little bit each year. It's fun to have a little something new, besides can you really have enough seasonal decor? The flowers are a combination from Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree. Obviously the Dollar Tree finds are $1. I wait until Hobby Lobby has a sale on flowers when I buy. Last year I added the dish set for a whopping $12. At the bottom of the page I will share how to make the napkin rings.

I didn't make the place-mat, I found them at a garage sale. You guessed it, the coffee cups came from Dollar General. The main item I wanted to point out is the quilt block. This is the first Fifty-Four or Fight block I made. Goodness you can tell it! There is half inch to no seam allowances and even a few points completely cut off. I used a high loft batting to add more dimension with the hand quilting. The frame is actually a twelve inch chalk board, It has been so long ago I don't know where it came from. I lightly painted it with hunter green craft paint but you could use any color or just leave it plain. Lastly, I trimmed the quilt block to perfectly fit the inside of the chalkboard then hot glued it in.

I love this piece. It reminds me of how long my quilting skills have come and it was also one of the first items of my fall decor. I could share more today but you would be so tired of my kitchen!

Instructions for the napkin rings:


-One (1) sheet of card stock

-Jute Twine

-Artificial leaves (one per ring)

-Hot Glue Gun / glue sticks

Cut the card stock into three (3) inch by two (2) inch strips. One (1) per napkin ring.

  1. Roll each one and glue it together to make a ring. It will be two (2) inches in height.

  2. Hot glue the end of the Jute Twine to the top of the card stock ring. Wrap the twine around the ring, occasionally use a drop of hot glue to hold in place.

  3. Wrap the twine until you reach the end of the ring and then hot glue.

  4. Hot glue one of the artificial leaves to the top of the ring.

With that you are finished! It's a fun little inexpensive project adding a little character to your table. I have had mine about five years and they look just like new!

Let me know if you made either of these projects & share a picture on The Quilted Diary's Facebook page!

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