• Sarah Marcina

August Quilt Block Mania

Welcome to the second month of Quilt Block Mania! This month the topic is "Back to School." For those who didn't join in last month, my blocks have the theme of "on the table." At the end of the block hop, I will share a pattern using all of my mania squares.

My prior career was teaching. I love working with kiddos. Even though I no longer teach in a classroom teaching still has my heart! One thing for sure is books never stay in the order you place them! Rather than the traditional reading, writing and arithmetic order I swapped the books a little in the block.

If you don't like the order, simply swap the embroidery on the blocks. My number one tip for the embroidery don't trim your blocks to size until after you finish the stitching.

I use the raw edge applique method in my pattern. If you prefer to use another method simply add a quarter inch around the block when cutting them out.

I'm making two of my blocks, one for a miniature and one for the final project. Although I don't have the applique done for the final project, here is a picture of the plaid.