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Christmas Eve Traditions

For as long as I can remember, and many years longer, the same thing has taken place every Christmas eve. The traditions started with my great-grandparents Spicer. Christmas Eve the family would sit around together and sing carols. After we exhausted them all... including The 12 Days of Christmas... Papaw reads from Luke 2 and typically one other passage as well. Followed by his reading of the Christmas story we sing "Silent Night." After a few short moments after the song, the little ones are beg to open their gifts.

Every year I still have my grandfather here this traditions becomes more cherished. You wouldn't know it by looking at him but he is now in his 80s.

Even though this video was from last year, you are sure to know, the same will be happening this evening around 5pm. I am blessed to be apart of a family who knows the real reason of Christmas.... Jesus Christ our Savior was born for us.

May you have a very blessed Christmas. I pray those of you who don't know the Reason personally will come to know Him this year.

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