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Family Reunions

My family is a treasure, one that is irreplaceable. Each one brings a different personality into the mix. Ted is the funny guy and Sharon is the story teller. Granny is the matriarch. My dad is the host. My mom and I make sure everything goes smooth. Everyone is like a precious stone in a crown of jewels.

The family get together started over twenty years ago, about one year after my great-grandfather passed away. Granny and Grandpa wanted to keep everyone connected and because of that the family gathering was born. I remember when I was young, I asked Granny why we don't call it a reunion. She said a get-together is when all the family comes together at one time but a reunion is where people come together every so often to be reunited with each other. They didn't want a reunion where everyone saw each other for a day but didn't have a continued relationship through out the years. They simply wanted a scheduled day where we could all be together.

I am glad they had that vision. I was able to get to know and love my great-aunt & uncle. I was able to get to know my great-grandparents through the stories told. Everyone has their own special memories and when put together you feel like you have known them personally.

As the years went by, Grandpa was the only one left in his generation. He was the glue that bound us together. In 2002, he passed of cancer. This year Granny or as many call her "Aunt Marcina" is the only living relative of that generation. Everyone loves her as they would a mother. If the honest truth was told she is the glue that has bound this family together for years.

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