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Samuel's Farm Market

Ahhh, fall. Summer flowers are yet untouched by the itching fingers of frost yearning to bring in winter's cold. The leaves are turning bright, vivid colors. The cool, crisp mornings still turn into summer like days. Perfection!

The fall theme took a little bit of creative thinking for the Sunshine Village Quilt. Pumpkin patch? Nah. School house? Maybe. But, my mind kept going back to the farmer's markets popping up this time of year and then, September's block came to be.

Once I decided on a market, the block took some time evolving. I had some really neat ideas that didn't work at all. It was frustrating because I couldn't quite bring my vision to pass. The result is a simplistic building, which leaves more room for your creativity! I hope the "Sunshine Village" quilt blocks have given you a jumping off point to add a bit of personality.

I've not talked much about my finishing process yet. First, I'm learning to free motion quilt. This project has given me a lot of space to work on different motions. My sky is a little odd. It certainly didn't come out how I thought it would. The quilt will be so busy once finished, it will look better. After, the quilting is finished, I am going to hand applique felt Sunbonnet Sues, Sams, and kiddos. I can't wait! Finishing instructions and templates will be available free in December 2023.

You can purchase the PDF pattern here.

It is free through the end of the month. If you are missing any of the previous blocks, the links are all in the post "Missing Blocks." They are all available to purchase for $1.25 in my Etsy shop. Three more blocks to go until we're finished!

Are you looking to make a fun fall quilt and use up scraps in the process? Check out "The Fall Quilt." It measures 52" x 52." It is my best selling quilt pattern to date!

Don't forget to download the other "Fall" themed QBM blocks from these amazing designers today!

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