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  • Sarah Marcina

Home Sweet Home

I went into my new-old home today for the first time in about five years. I am relieved to report, it still feels like home. A bunch of remodel will be starting shortly. We have big plans for the house.

It is currently a two bedroom but they are very small. One main objective was to put a washer/dryer upstairs and the only workable place would have been in one of the bedrooms. After thinking about it, we decided to take the wall out between the two rooms. It will be so nice!

One thing I was going to miss about my current house is the master bathroom. Especially the shower. My Dad really surprised me when I walked into the bathroom and the tub was gone! He is going to install a nice shower. I think the clear glass will make the small bathroom feel much bigger. We are going to paint the sink vanity, it looks pretty rough but is still in good condition. We put it in new the last time around.

The carpet needed to be replaced. Instead of carpeting, we decided to go with wood-look vinyl planks. Although it will really update the house, I hope I don't end up missing the carpet! This will last forever, unlike carpet.

Everything needs a fresh coat of paint. The kitchen needs a good cleaning. We may try to find a newer stove.

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