• Sarah Marcina

Hope for Tomorrow QAL: Chevron Border - Week Eight


Can you believe this is our last week and our quilts are ready to be finished! With no further ado, lets get to work. We will be using the last weeks half square triangles to create a chevron border on the top and bottom of the quilt. If you would like a square quilt (I prefer rectangle) you could add a chevron border to each side also. This weeks instructions can be found on page 6 and 7 of the pattern.

To start with we need to turn our HST into flying geese. If you have never made a chevron border, they are very simple and can jazz up a quilt. They are a great filler to make any quilt a little larger. After you have made the flying geese, sew them together to form a V shape.

Next sew the V shaped squares together creating a chevron design. (Step 3 in the pattern on page 6.)

Last but not least, attach the background border strips, starting with the sides. Directions are found on page 7.

A couple tips for sewing on the chevron border...