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Hope for Tomorrow QAL - Week Six: Hunter's Star

Another week of block assembly! Woohoo!!! After all those HST last week, this week should be rather enjoyable. In your pattern, we will be on page 5.

There are several ways you could assemble the Hunter's Star with the HST. You could create pinwheels & flying geese units then assemble. Another option, which is what I went with for the pattern, is by the row. I played around with both options and found it to be easier using rows.

I choose to press my seams open because I felt the quilt was flatter. If you plan on stitching in the ditch to quilt, pressing open is not ideal though. I knew my LAQ was going to do a basic edge-to-edge design though.

When you are sewing your pieces together, remember if you have even seams, you are on your way to perfect points. I highly suggest using pins when sewing the block rows together. This is the sure way of getting perfect points. If you have pressed to the side, you can nest your seams together and forget pinning. A word of caution, if they are not perfectly nested you will loose a perfect point. Always remember though, no quilt is perfect because we are not perfect people. Don't fret, just do your best.

To finish up this week we are going to sew the blocks together and then attach it to the Carpenter's Star we made in Week Three. Here is another great chance to make sure your quilt will be square and flat when you complete it. Make sure you star blocks are squared up before starting to sew them together. If you have a Hunter's star that is off, adjust your seam allowance to compensate. Keep in mind though, if you have too little seam allowance, there is a good possibility it will pull apart after washing or even the quilting.

Next week we will make more... and the final... half square triangles. Only two more weeks until we will complete the Hope for Tomorrow quilt top. If you are looking for a long arm quilter, I encourage you to check out the "Longarm League." The league is made up of long arm quilters located across the globe. Four quilters are offering a special promotion for this project!

Fabric: Good Vibes Collection from Christa Watson (

Quilted By: Charisma Horton (

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