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Hope for Tomorrow QAL: Week Five - HST Galore

First of all, an apology for not posting on Thursday! I haven't been able to access my blog for the last week! UGH! Frustration!!!

I was totally determined not to have any flying geese for this years QAL! In the past they have been full of them. I'm not hesitant in saying this at all... but I think the most disliked basic unit in quilting might just be flying geese. Success! No flying geese to the pattern, but there sure is a boatload of half square triangles.

You guessed it, that is what we are doing this week. I'll let you in on a secret though, if you have discovered the Magic Eight Method, they aren't nearly as time consuming... like eight times less in my opinion. Sure you still have a little bit of squaring up to do, but spend way less time at the sewing machine!

Another perk to the HST method, regardless of the size, tiny-tiny or great-big, the accuracy is amazing. I saw a post the other day and someone said something to the effect of, "Why do designers think their way is best. Whose to say it is?" Well, the answer is this... there is not a best way and it is just a personal preference. Sometimes it has to do with the pattern and something, well, designers just have a favorite way of making things. Simple as that.

We will be working with the light coral, coral and yellow. With a total of three HST variations, the directions start on the bottom of Page 4. For the sizes, refer to the pattern. Pictured are my corals: Bubblegum & Bedazzled from Christa Watson's Good Vibes collection.

I have included the Magic Eight Reference Guide in the pattern, but I'm going to share it here. Just bookmark this page for a go to reference. Sometimes it's just nice to have!

Hope you have a fabulous week! I'd love to see your HST! Feel free to share your pictures on The Quilted Diary's Facebook page or in quilting groups. I just request that you share the patterns information: (Simple copy and past into the post.)

Pattern: Hope for Tomorrow

Designer: Sarah Marcina

Thanks bunches!

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