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  • Sarah Marcina


I have an endless amount of appreciation for the medical profession. Personally, I wouldn't have the health I do today without specialty doctors. My neurologist is one of the top doctors in Ohio. Thanks to her life work, I can have a fairly normal life. Yes, I still have seizures on occasion and sometimes struggle with depression, but it could be so much worse.

On a national level, life would be so much different now. Yes, it is bad. There is an unstated fear in the back of all our minds what if I get "it" and will I be the one who doesn't survive. Yet, the doctors, researchers, scientist, and nurses have changed many, many lives.

To those in the medical profession, from the scientist to the nursing assistants, you are appreciated. Your sacrifices haven't gone unnoticed and we can never thank you enough for the hard and selfless work you do.

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