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Today I had every intention of sharing how I made my flower for January's Quilt Block Mania. With great heaviness of heart, I am reminded of how my quilt "Hope for Tomorrow" first came about. Since the "Hope for Tomorrow" quilt along starts tomorrow (January 7, 2021), I believe I will share about it again.

May 31, 2021 the United States capital city was being set on fire. My heart was breaking for our country. Death and destruction were the new normal starting months prior. I don't need to give a detailed history of what happened but I want to remind you of the emotions. Although, you probably don't need a reminder of those either. Today my heart is mourning again, in a way, perhaps even more so. This isn't our United States of America of yesteryear. I won't get into the politics of it or what I believe here. Period.

Focusing on the Hope for Tomorrow quilt, I took those May emotions I and begin sketching the quilt. I keep a list of traditional blocks I want to explore and recreate. The carpenters star and the other star jumped out at me. I knew what I wanted to do with them.

After sketching, I was focusing in on colors. My mood was deep sadness... I planned on a grayscale with red. I pulled out my gray & black markers and continued to watch the destruction. When they started focusing in on the church fire, I began praying. Prayer brought a comfort, hope and peace I hadn't had in weeks. HOPE. My God is my Hope for tomorrow. My hope isn't dark doom and gloom. Through my God, I know He has tomorrow in His hands, regardless of what happens. From there the name of my quilt and color palette were born.

I am certain of this, today isn't the last day of unrest in our country if recent history is any prediction of the future. As we work on this quilt together, I pray it brings you a special hope and comfort like it brought me.

You can purchase the pattern here.

Click here to learn more about my Hope.

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