• Sarah Marcina

Mystery Prep

The Diary of a Patriot countdown is Just four days away! Have you ever thought about prepping for a new quilting project? If you have what do you do? Until a few years ago I hadn't thought about it. Since then my list has expanded a little and it really has made life a little easier!

Clean your sewing area

I must admit, when I'm working on a project my sewing room becomes very messy. So much a mess, I would be embarrassed to share a picture. I always start out with a perfect plan on keeping organized this time around. That last about a few hours of cutting. Seriously though, who has time to stop and get all of those little pieces you had to trim when you're on a roll cutting away!

While I'm cleaning, I also take a quick inventory of what I'm running low on. Sometimes I need new thread of have used up the last bit of a favorite fabric I keep on hand all the time. I make that list a replenish before I start the next project.

Clean your machine

If you're like me, most of the time you forget about machine maintenance until something goes wrong. Here's a few things to do:

  • Clean the machine

  • If required, oil

  • Change out the needle

The picture was my grandmothers sewing machine. It has a pretty neat history behind it. My grandmother loaned it to her mom and mother-in-law. It's a privilege to be using this sewing it!