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I was pretty much out of service because of my epilepsy for two months. Medication changes temporarily halted my life. Essentially, I lost two months of time. I have finally caught up on my housework, including putting my Christmas decorations away. YAY!!! I guess you could say my cleaning stepped into spring cleaning a bit. I haven't cleaned my windows yet, but weather permitting that is going to happen this week.

I said all of that to get to this point: With the coronavirus spreading rapidly, it made me think about if I came down with it. How should I prepare? With my recent experience, a list began forming in my mind. Here's a few things that apply to anyone.

1) Get prescription medication refills as soon as you can order them. I have done this the last couple months, so I now have an additional two weeks on hand. Any kind of medical essentials you use on a regular basis, make sure you have a sufficient amount.

2) Clean your house. Surprised this would be second in line? If you were to get sick, hurt, etc and not be able to clean for a couple weeks, could you tolerate the way your house/apartment looks right now? Let me tell you, when I first started not feeling good things were messy. I was in the middle of a couple projects, junk mail had piled up on the kitchen table, Christmas stuff was starting to come down, laundry needed done... and so much more. I'm habitual, Friday is cleaning day and Monday is laundry day. It was a Thursday when I started not feeling good and by Sunday I felt awful. At this point no cleaning was done and my laundry was piled. It made me feel worse than I already was. I'm thankful for my Momma who came and did some things for me!

In cleaning Friday, I went the extra mile. If I was to get sick, hurt, etc. my house would be good to go.

3) Get essentials. Make sure you have enough personal care items. Half way through a bottle of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc? Go ahead and grab another one.... just one. Not that I would mind asking someone to pick up a personal care item, it's just a whole lot easier to get what you like yourself! You won't be stuck with Hairspray 3 Hold instead of 5! This curly hair needs a 5 hold. So just saying... take care of those personal things yourself.

As to groceries, you really don't need to stock up. Sure, meat has been hoarded lately, if you see a good deal go ahead and get a package even if you don't need it right now. I guess basically, I'm saying stick to your normal groceries. It's easy enough to have them delivered if you live in the city or suburbs. Plus, friends and family will need to go to the store and you can always ask them pick up a thing or two. I'm sure they wouldn't mind. I have found out in times of need family, friends and neighbors really want to help out! Let them be a blessing to you, because they feel blessed to help out!

I say this hesitantly, but it's true, you need toilet paper and tissues. Get what you need but don't hoard! Don't be one of that takes it all and doesn't save any for the person behind you who only has part of one roll left because people have bought the stores out!

Soap box a second... I was at Wal-Mart the other day and they have a Limit 5 on a lot of things, including toilet paper. Yet, it doesn't say what size of packages is limited to five. This family in front of me had five great big packages of toilet paper and great big packages of paper towels. They had three carts. One was full of 150 rolls of toilet paper and the other with 40 paper towel rolls. It really made me mad! So don't be that person!

4) Have a small thing to do. I didn't feel like doing anything most of the time when I was having health problems. On occasion, I did feel a little better but not good enough to do much. I kept a pad of graph paper and markers close to me. I graphed out quite a few new designs. I didn't feel like reading nor sewing. What do you like to do when you are ill? If it's English Paper Piecing, get a few pieces together. Do you love reading? Find a few books are get them so you don't have to think.

I will close with this: Continue doing the 5 things to help stop the spread. Honestly, it doesn't only help with coronavirus, but a lot of other illness still going around. I pray you stay nice and healthy!

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