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Quilt Block Mania: February 2021

It's February already! Can you believe it? We made it through the first month of 2021! As I'm sure you know already our topic for February was "Lucky" and we had a beautiful palette to design from. Let's get down to the pattern though...

For this block I started by sewing all of the strips together in rows. I didn't go diagonal... just straight rows.

I like simple. Who really wants to measure out those rows individually and sew them together diagonal. I was pretty certain my block would end up a little wonky if I did. No time for that! After I had my rows sewn together I took my 12 (1/2") ruler's 45* angle line and lined it up on the center strip.

Just as if you were trimming up any other block, cut away the excess fabric. The absolute key to having a squared block with straight diagonal strips is to keep that 45* angle line in place!

Success... almost. I wasn't happy with the size of my corner supposed to be strips besides the face I had a big whoops I needed to fix. I actually cheated. I just chopped it off. Do you see the problem?

To fix my corners, I trimmed them down to the size of the other strips then sewed on another piece to the corners.

Trimmed the block up again and was ready to go!

Perfect! Now to the little green man and his pot of gold. I'll admit, I'm not totally in love with this months Sam, but I've been trying to switch each month's patterns up for added interest in the final quilt. He is supposed to look like he is facing back toward us and one hand in front and one to the side.

His pot of gold was pretty fun though. I decided to add dimension here. With four different yellow embroidery floss I made a ton of French knots in hope it would look like gold. I think it worked!

I'd love to see what you do with your pot of gold! Seriously though, these blocks have worked on my embroidery skills... or lack thereof.

Check out the other February Quilt Block Mania project... they are all super cute! Links below. Click on the image to be directed to the Quilt Block Mania Facebook Group!

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