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Quilt Block Mania: March 2021

I am certainly challenging and improving my embroidery skills with quilt block mania! This month's block is called "Sue's Field of Flowers."

Initially I found the color palette a little challenging. After I narrowed it down to just three colors, it came together. For the background and border I opted to use muted tones. The pinks brought a vibrancy and spring feel though. I still wanted to incorporate every color, so I chose a purple for my border.

For the flowers, I used French knots and a backstitch for the stems. I used the blanket stitch to secure the little lady. This is the first month my blanket stitches turned out really nice. Also, I had success with all my French knots. I feel like I have finally mastered these stitches! Next month I am planning on exploring more embroidery stitches.

Since I the Hope for Tomorrow Quilt Along finished up last Thursday, I will be focusing on quilting my blocks. I am going to use the quilt as you go method for this project, each month I want to hand quilt a block and make a block! I have some catching up to do though!

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Sue's Field of Flowers
Download PDF • 270KB

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Love the texture - I have always had trouble with French knots and finally switched over to Colonial knots. A man on a fast horse can't tell the different, I get my knots WIN! Your Sue is so pretty and grown-up!

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