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Quilt Block Mania: May 2021

Woohoo! Another school year is finishing up and another class of young people are taking flight in life's journey. Whether graduating from kindergarten or getting your nth degree, congratulations on your hard work!

Here is how I personalized my block:

First, the color scheme played right into my high school colors. The young ladies wore red gowns and the young men wore blue. Perfect for this months challenge! (Great job Carolina for keeping that in mind when bringing May together!)

I jazzed up my little people by adding a tassel to their caps by braiding three different embroidery threads.

I thought about attempting to draw/embroider my alma mater's ram. A glance later I knew that wasn't going to happen, instead I went with a banner and sign. I had so much fun personalizing this block. I'd love to see how you show off your school spirit!

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Graduation Day - May 2021
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