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Summer Fun Quilt Block Mania

Welcome to Quilt Block Mania! I'm so excited to be apart of this blog hop. In case you haven't noticed there are a bunch of awesome designers taking part!

As you know Quilt Block Mania runs July through September with one block per month. I was trying to think of a way to tie in the unique themes and color schemes into one congruent design. While on vacation I saw a turquoise gingham tablecloth and it sparked my idea. Why not create a gingham like background then applique something on the table specific to the theme. The next question was what would you find on a kitchen table during the summer? A slice of watermelon of course! Out came the graph paper and I sketched my idea.

When I got home from vacation I was looking at a quilting websites and there sat on the home page a slice of watermelon that was "almost" identical to my idea.

So back to the drawing board... next thought was ice cream. Not that an ice cream cone would be sitting on the table, but it worked for all intent and purpose. So that my quilting friends, is how this design came to be.


When I was looking through my scrap bins, I found solid a 10" teal & turquoise square. I decided I would try to make it work. I did, well kind of. Under the ice cream cone sits two is wrong rows because I was short a few pieces.

So yes, it looks like a mistake, but it technically isn't. I positioned the ice cream cone so it would perfectly cover the second and fourth row teal squares.

Let's talk about the ice cream cone a second. There are multiple ways of doing applique. I chose to do raw edge. Super simple and quick. Who doesn't like simple & quick?!?! If you have another method you love, go for it!

If you have read any of my blogs in the past you know I'm a hand quilter at heart and quilting on a domestic is naught. I decided to tested my machine quilting skills in hopes they might have magically improved. To say the most they haven't improved one bit. Seriously, don't look close at the finished picture!

For the next three months I will continue on with the gingham table theme and provide a wall hanging pattern at the end.

Tuck your block away until the blog hop is over or make it into a wall hanging, table topper or anything your heart desires!

Download the PDF for the pattern here. To get it free use the code: QuiltMania

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