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We Still Remember: Memorial Day 2021

Are you looking for a patriotic quilt pattern? My amazingly talented friends, Charisma at Charisma's Corner designed several. One of my favorite is "By the Cross." It is only because of the cross our nation is today. As we memorialize the soldiers who have died for America, let us also remember Christ who died for our sins.

From the first man killed in the Revolutionary War to the soldiers who have given their life in the recent wars, we are beyond grateful for you. From the ones we only know as American soldier to the ones we know by name, you are not forgotten. Today we set aside a time of remembrance for you and mourn & pray for your loved ones who are still here with us today.

I went to high school with this man. Kenny was a year ahead of me so I only knew of him by name. Senior Airman Kenneth Hauprich, Jr. laid down his life November 8, 2007 leaving behind his wife and infant daughter.

Click to read Kenny's Obituary

The article below can be found here on the Ohio Patriot Guard website.

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Jun 02, 2021

May he rest in peace.

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