• Sarah Marcina

Welcome 2020!

Leaving behind 2019 has me with mixed feelings. There were a lot of changes in my life "last" year. Happy, sad, life changing, open doors, closed doors could all be descriptions of 2019. I suppose you could say 2019 left with a bang!

2019 was the first year my birthday bothered me. Entering my mid-thirties without a husband and children left me with some sad emotions. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a wife and mother. Early this spring I had a pretty bad concussion because of a fall while having a seizure. A month or so ago, I had another one. This time I had to get six staples in the back of my head. I busted it open leaving a 1 1/2" cut. Then just a few weeks ago, I had a third. This time no bad injuries. (FYI, I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was nine.) Depressed yet? lol

Onto happy things! I have ran my first mystery quilt and quilt along. The mystery pattern is called "Polk's Compromise" and the quilt along is "Tribes of Israel." My pattern sales over all have increased! Yay! I was accepted as an affiliate for Connecting Threads. (so if you're in the market for fabric, on my home page is a link to Connecting Threads. If you click on the link and then make a purchase I get a tiny-tiny commission.) I started mentoring a young lady who has a passion for quilting. It has been a joy to work with her.

I became a Mary Kay consultant late fall of 2018, but didn't really do anything with that until this year. It has been a s-l-o-w start but in October things started picking up!

Friday begins my second mystery quilt, "Diary of a Patriot." Charisma Horton (charismascorner.com) and I partnered together designing a beautiful patriotic quilt! If you're one of our out of country friends, I have suggested a couple color palette variations you may like. Join the Facebook group, "Diary of a Patriot Quilt" to participate!

I am starting to teach a few beginner quilting classes. I'm super excited about that. I have several patterns that are ready to go into testing and a couple others I am going to submit to magazines.