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Welcome to Sunshine Village!

We are officially half way through with the Sunshine Village Quilt Block Mania project! This is the perfect month to incorporate our village sign considering the theme is "Places."

This is the absolute easiest block of the entire quilt! I challenge you, though, to work on embroidery skills and learn a few new stitches. At least that is what I have planned for this block!

A couple thoughts, if you decide to print the template on fabric, make sure it is colorfast! Otherwise, it will fade, washout, or bleed when/if you wash the quilt. Personally, this is turning into more of an art quilt for me and I doubt I will ever wash it. Even though I printed mine on fabric, I'm still planning on (maybe) embroidering over it.

Check out the other designer's Place blocks. What an imagination! 

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06 juin 2023

this is wonderful. thank you. and yes I will have to work on my embroidery skills here. thanks

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