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  • Sarah Marcina

Mystery Quilt: Clue Two

I am so thankful for the Mystery Quilt. Mrs. Hunter answered the question many asked about why she releases the mystery quilt this time of year. Part of her answer was for those grieving the loss of a loved one. Mrs. Hunter, that is me. Sometimes the feeling of loss has been so overwhelming it feels unbearable.

These pesky geese have for once been a blessing. I haven't done flying geese in awhile, mostly because I despise them. I not only have one to do, but hundreds. I have chosen to go ahead and use the paper piecing method . I think initially it takes a little longer to prepare the pieces, but in the long run, it cuts down on having wonky pieces. A little trimming after they have been pieced. I removing the paper for the evening. It keeps my mind from wondering.

Here is a picture of my geese:

I didn't finish before Clue 3 was released, but at least I finished the day of.

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