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Quilting 101

I was asked to watch my two little cousins overnight. They were hesitant to come to my house because they thought it would be boring. After all what would a single woman with no kids have to play with. When they walked into my living room, they instantly were enthralled with my antique sewing machine. One thing lead to the next and they ended up exploring my "modern" Singer. I showed them how it worked and they both stitched down a scrap piece of fabric. At that started it all.

The oldest of the two started talking about how cool it would be to make a blanket for his giraffe, Tip Top. The youngest took off with the idea too. Before I knew it they were searching through my scrap bins finding their fabric. They laid out their pieces on the table ready to sew together. They took turns on my machine putting their pieces together. They were in love!

They are already talking about getting fabric and hand sewing more blankets. It makes me happy to see little ones enjoying learning something new.

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