• Sarah Marcina

I'm Not Loosing!

As a preschool teacher, my unspoken motto was, "I'm not loosing to a 3 year-old!" As a quilter, my motto is becoming, "I'm not loosing to this block!"

Not realizing the complexity of a block I sketched out, it is taking me forever to get it to match up right. Maybe my sketch was totally of??? Whatever it is, I have been repeating, "I'm not loosing to this block... I'm not loosing to this block... I'm not loosing to this block!"

Unfortunately, I didn't win. I finally gave up and put it in my scrap bin! No sense in making myself crazy when I have other projects I am in the middle of. Maybe one day I will get that sketch out and re-work it.

For Now... I lost.

An up close picture of a baby quilt for a special momma. It turned out adorable! To see the full quilt, click on the Quilty Pictures tab.


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